Intimacy in the Pandemic Podcast Series

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Intimacy in the Pandemic

Part 1 – For Older Adults

Ep. 28: How is the pandemic shaping intimate relationships? Learn more about how many mid-life and older adults are navigating intimate relationships in the pandemic, combating loneliness, and finding new ways to connect in person and through technology.

Part 2 – For Younger Adults 

Ep. 29: Continuing our series on intimacy in the pandemic, we hear from young adults about how their relationships are being shaped and changed by these unprecedented times. Guests speak about the ways social distancing and the pandemic has made forming new relationships hard and sometimes pushed people together in new ways.


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The Interviewer Interviewed!

Yesterday I was interviewed by Maia Rodriguez for KSQD’s “Talk of the Bay” radio program. It was my very first time live on the air. I was one of four other programmers to be interviewed about our own radio programs, why we are doing them and what we hope listeners will get from them. I must say it was a humbling experience as I found being on the other side of the microphone to be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. Like so many of my guests, I over-prepared. And then when the time came to actually talk, I decided to take my own advice. I put down my notes, I just looked up at my interviewer and very quickly found myself deep in conversation with her about what I really care about. And like with so many of my guests, what came out was a genuine conversation that also had some good information in it. This experience just increased my compassion and respect for the remarkable people who have already said yes to being interviewed and recorded for my own STATE OF MIND radio show. My deepest gratitude to all you courageous souls!

First STATE OF MIND Podcast to Radio Broadcast!

I am so excited to let you know that the new listener-supported community radio KSQD 90.7 FM went live and started broadcasting this past Friday! And I’m thrilled to be one of the many volunteer programers airing shows that are for and about our community. My first episode of “STATE OF MIND: Being Human and Living Well,” a show featuring conversations about mental health and wellness here on the central coast will go out over the airways this Sunday February 17th, 6-7 PM Pacific Time on KSQD 90.7 FM. In Episode # 3, Debra Sloss, LMFT is joined by parent advocate Heidi Korokowski and gender therapist Daniel Blumrosen, LMFT to talk about the unique and often challenging experience of parenting a transgender child, how to provide support and where to find help and support yourself. Join us for the live broadcast, or you can listen later to the podcast by streaming or downloading it from the website HERE!

All New Website!

Welcome to my all new website! Take a look around! While the look may be similar, this site has all new features and updated book and website resources. And check out my KSQD STATE OF MIND: Being Human and Living Well radio program podcasts. There are shows on all kinds of topics related to mental health and wellness. Every show includes a useful list of resources with access links. New podcasts will be posted periodically and you can now join my mailing list and be notified when new show podcasts are available for listening.