In the interest of protecting the confidentiality of my clients, only testimonials from colleagues, interns and students are posted here.

Debra’s therapeutic insights are elegant, precise, and profound. She is always professional, attuned to detail, and extraordinarily up to date on current research and resources. Debra is eminently trustworthy, focused, and dedicated to making positive change in her clients’ lives. I regularly refer clients to her and highly recommend her as a therapist.

David Schulkin, MA, LMFT

Consultation Group Colleague & Former Supervisee at Family Service Agency

My professional experience with Debra dates back to the mid 2000’s when we were involved in a consulting group that spanned over 10 years.  My collegial relationship with Debra shows her as an avid learner staying abreast of current research as well as continuing to hone her skills through professional development conferences and workshops above and beyond what is required by the licensing board.

In my professional experience with Debra I found her to be a curious being as well as a kind and caring one.  She looks to your strengths and is attuned to her clients’ needs and goals…plus she has a great sense of humor!

Anita Whelan

Retired LMFT & Former Consultation Group Colleague

While I was Debra’s Supervisee, I thought she did an excellent job of holding a safe space for us to feel vulnerable and discuss clinical concerns. She brought professionalism, thoughtfulness and a strong clinical lens to each group. Now as a supervisor, I realize how much of an impression she left on me as well as how that experience of watching her lead has informed my own work. I truly appreciate her leadership style and her ability to be strong yet approachable at the same time.

Lauren Fein, LMFT

SC County Children's Behavioral Health Supervisor & Former Supervisee

As a group supervisor she was an excellent teacher, particularly in areas related to ethics and professional responsibility. In our individual meetings, I appreciated her clarity and presence, always supportive and full of creative suggestions for my work with clients. Debra is a person of utmost integrity. She is passionate about her work, her continual training and has a huge heart. All of this comes through both personally and professionally. I refer clients to her often as I trust they will be in good hands with her support.

Ellis McCauley, LMFT

Private Practice Colleague & Former Supervisee, Family Service Agency

Debra was great: Calm, composed, professional, supportive and approachable. She is a great listener, model and mentor.

Anoymous College Student Evaluation

Experiential Leadership Course, UCSC 2011

(Debra) was highly organized, very approachable and supportive. She was a good teacher and built a cohesive, safe and fun group.

Debra was a good listener who created a safe environment for everyone. Plus…she had a good senses of humor. I would have loved one more class with her.

Anoymous College Student Evaluations

Experiential Leadership Course, UCSC 2013

Debra has a beautiful way of communicating ideas in a manner that excites. She was absolutely great!

She was prepared and accepting of everyone and allowed a “safe” space for sharing.

Anoymous College Student Evaluations

Experiential Leadership Course, UCSC 2014

Debra was one of the most effective and confident facilitators I have seen and experienced.

She’s incredibly well organized and professional as well as an amazing resource of knowledge and experience.

Anoymous College Student Evaluations

Experiential Leadership Course, UCSC 2016