I requested to be her individual supervisee after the first year of group, as the learning experience with her was profound and meaningful. Debra has in-depth knowledge, a rich experience and background, and a compassionate listening ear that made case consultations relevant and thought provoking.

I have sought out Debra’s consultation service even after licensure, as I find in her a reliable source and reference for my practice.

Anika Doherty, LMFT

Consultation Client & Former Supervisee

Therapist Consultation


Individual Therapists: To support your therapy work with clients, I offer telephone and in-person consultations. For difficult cases, I can offer very specific ideas for interventions, treatment planning, and navigating legal or ethical concerns while providing the support you may need to manage the case at hand. Consultations are usually 55 minutes, with longer consults available by request.

Group Consultation & Supervision: I also meet with groups of interested therapists for case consultation or group supervision. Sometimes the groups are organized around serving a particular population, like children and their families, and other times around specific client-centered theoretical approaches – See Areas of Advanced Study & Training for a list of possible group orientations. Group consultations are usually 110 minutes with longer consults available by request.


“Radical simply means ‘grasping things at the root.’”

—Angela Davis